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The Family Business

We are a family business founded in 2013 with heritage in Malmö, Sweden. With experience and deep knowledge of the power that can be harnessed by the nutrients that our earth provides, we create the most premium health supplements.


Our past family members have long researched and manufactured medicines and it was a natural step when our family expanded into the field of nutrition and dietary supplements. This expansion is known today as Swedish Nutra AB.

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Always Advancing

We continue to be a leader in the industry by bringing innovation to the field and adopting cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to boost productivity. Our newly developed advances allow for cost effective manufacturing not seen before, which in turn allows us to produce high-quality products at competitive prices. Consumer experience, product quality and wholesale price is at the focus of our product offerings. 


Our Values

Our goal is to positively impact human health by developing the most advanced and effective food supplements.

We are a family business and understand the importance of trust and honesty and it's therefore something we project into all parts of our business and relationships.

What Clients Say

"The products we buy have a very positive impact on our sales. I'm happy to be working with Swedish Nutra."

– Long-time Customer

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