The Manufacturer With Big Results

We are a family business founded in 2013 with heritage in Malmö, Sweden. Our goal is to positively impact human health with the most advanced and effective dietary supplements, wherever on the earth that may be. As of 2021 we distribute to 35 countries.

From day one, our commitment has been simple - produce the highest quality products, at the best possible value. We continue to be a leader in the industry by bringing innovation to the field and adopting cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to boost productivity. The 21st century is an exciting time in health and well-being, nutritional supplements included. Our newly developed advances allow for cost effective manufacturing, which in turn allows Swedish Nutra to produce high-quality products at very competitive prices.

Our Story

From the northern hemisphere with experience and deep knowledge of the power that can be harnessed by the nutrients that our earth provides, we create the most premium quality health supplements. Our grandfather and past family members have long created medicines and enhanced and manufactured extracts. In December 2013 it was a natural step when our family expanded into the dietary supplement field. This expansion is known today as Swedish Nutra, the company that combines top selling products with cutting edge manufacturing developments. 

Image by Geran de Klerk

Our Values

1. Passion & Quality

Our goal is to positively impact human health by developing the most advanced and effective dietary supplements.


2. Trust & Honesty

We are a family business and understand the importance of trust and honesty and it's therefore something we project into everything we do.


3. Love & Care

We love our planet and want our production to be fair to it. The earth needs care and we do our part. We produce with a zero footprint goal.