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With our wide range of healthcare and beauty supplements it’s easy to start your own brand. 

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Liquid Formulas That Work

Swedish Nutra specializes in liquid supplements, made responsible from the best ingredients on Earth.

Potent Formulas

A daily shot from our liquid formulas contains up to 30 times more active ingredients than pills.

Efficient Absorption

Our formulas have vastly greater absorption rates compared to pills or gummies. 

No Binders

No bulking agents, binders, fillers or gelatin is needed to keep the structure. Keep it natural!


Europe's Leading Manufacturer

With production capability of over 1 million 25 ml shots per day, we are Europe's leading oral dose manufacturer.

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Manufacturing Professionals

We produce liquid and powder food supplements for export to all continents. As of today we export to 37 countries. All formulas are developed and tested in our lab at our factory in Malmö, Sweden. You are welcome to visit!

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Choose from our wide range of formulations or have us develop your own formula. Our expert team will help you from start to finish.

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White Label Service

Interested in our formulas but with your own brand and your logo? We will help you in three easy steps.

1. Easily add your design to the product label templates we will share with you.

2. We manufacture your new products.

3. You receive the delivery, fast and easy!

Brand Building

We have many brands on the market today, of which one is Swedish Collagen – our premium skin care brand for perfect natural beauty. 

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Quality at Effective Costs

Being based in southern Sweden we have access to a highly professional and educated workforce. This allows us to set higher goals in terms of new product developments and high automation in our manufacturing, to lower manufacturing cost and ensure we offer the best products at the lowest price.

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Seamless Fast Deliveries

We are focused on exports and have seamless fast deliveries for all of the EU. We also have an advanced logistics network that reaches Middle Eastern and Asian Countries by Road, Air and Sea. We have developed expertise in fast, seamless deliveries to ensure the best business cooperation for our customers.

The Market

The Nutraceutical industry is large in consumer interest and demand. Consumers are looking to naturally boost health, immunity and nutritional beauty. Our products have been proven to meet this demand and offer the unique delivery system of a liquid shot that contains up to 30 times more active ingredients than one single capsule.

The Flavor

We have developed natural flavors ranging from Natural California Orange to Natural Wild Berry to ensure customers enjoy the experience and look forward to their rewarding health boosting routine every day. 

The Cooperation

Returning customers is key! In our business and yours. We work hard at customer retention and so should you. Selling products of high quality, smart branding with a strong satisfactory based experience are key points in a long lasting growth-minded business. We are a key player for you with that function. 

Our Customers

We work with B2B customers, both large & small, worldwide.


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