The Collagen &
Vitamin Factory
from Sweden

Swedish Nutra is a dietary supplements manufacturer with local distribution and worldwide exports. Our expert team will help you with labeling, formulas and fast selling products. Let us be your manufacturer!


We provide a large range of high-quality dietary supplements to boost beauty and well-being.

We produce Swedish Nutra brand and white label brands.

Local production, worldwide distribution and many happy customers around the world.

Quality and Safety Ensured

Quality is very important to us. All ingredients in Swedish Nutra products are manufactured to ISO - GMP standards, are EU approved and come from the most reputable, leading manufacturers, complete with test certificates (COA). We maintain the highest quality standards.


Swedish Nutra meets or exceeds all Swedish Health Authority requirements and all EU/EFSA requirements. Our production also meets all requirements for Article 4 (EG) 852/2004 Good Hygiene Praxis. Hazard Analysis and the Critical Control Point monitoring program (HACCP) is integrated in Swedish Nutra's manufacturing.


We also take the responsibility for our environment seriously. The earth needs care and here at Swedish Nutra we do our part. We produce with a zero footprint goal.

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Our feedback is amazing

Melissa Hansson

Woman Multivitamin increases my energy and stamina through the entire day. I recommend this supplement for every woman.

Our Feedback is Amazing

Lena Tyrén

My Skin looks healthier, younger, and fine lines have noticeably diminished. Swedish Nutra's collagen is the best I've ever used.

Jonas Andersson

Truthfully, I was surprised at the impact this vitamin has on my daily life. I am more alert, have a lot more stamina and feel great.

Liquid for Best Absorption

Swedish Nutra specializes in liquid supplements. Liquids are superior to pills and powders because they are more easily  absorbed through the intestine and into the bloodstream, from where they are then spread out in our bodies, generating better and faster results.

All liquids are produced using multi-filtered water, ensuring a healthy base for optimal absorption.