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Starting your own supplement brand? White label supplements may be what you are looking for. With white labelling it is simple and affordable to start your own supplement line. Swedish Nutra offers an extensive range of the best supplements for health, wellness and beauty with low minimum order quantities and professional service. 

What are white label supplements?

White label supplements are pre-made product formulas that you can choose from to sell with your own design and branding. If the ingredients or product you would like is not listed we can also discuss producing custom formulas for you. 

Why choose white label supplements?

White label supplements from Swedish Nutra is an easy way to expand your current product line or start your own brand. We offer a wide range of healthcare and beauty supplements, such as collagen, vitamins, beauty, sport and more. Our liquid formulas have vastly greater absorption rates compared to pills or gummies with worldwide appreciated flavors, making our white label supplements an excellent choice for your brand.

30+ high-quality white label formulas to choose from

Swedish Nutra has been working with white label supplements since 2013. We know what makes a great supplement and are proud to say you will not be disappointed with our range of products. With Swedish Nutra you can choose from over 30 exclusive supplements for your brand. We work with high-quality formulas that give real results, as proven by our products worldwide success and many regular customers. 





30 000 000+



With our white label supplements we offer the option of 500 ml white bottles, 250 ml white bottles and 500 ml black bottles for our liquid food supplements. Our best selling formulas are also available as vials, where each daily dose is contained within a 25 ml shot. For powder we offer a white jar of 300 grams. You can easily design your own label to your liking using our white label templates. You are welcome to contact us for our product catalog.


By constantly bringing innovation to the field we are boosting the development of white label supplements. We ensure top quality of our white label supplements and our expert team will help you from start to finish. 

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Ready to order?

Ready to order white label supplements from Swedish Nutra? Contact us today and one of our expert team members will be happy to help you in your process.

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