The Multifunctional Supplier

We offer White Label Services with many different products and formulas to choose from. You can also Become a Distributor of our already established brands or produce your own Custom Formula with the help of our expert team.

White Label Services

Choose from our many formulations and get them with your brand and your logo! 

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✓ 500 ml
✓ PET Recyclable Plastic
✓ Sealed Screw Cap
✓ 25 ml Measure Included

Distribute Established Brands

Looking to become a distributor? We have several established brands to choose from.


Swedish Collagen – Our premium skincare brand for women. High strength, top quality collagen to support hair, skin & nails.

Custom Formulations

Our professional team will help you create a custom supplement formula that works.


Collagen - We produce potent collagen supplements of marine, bovine or vegan sources that support both body and beauty.